Long of the Tooth

a church

with skin and drawers

(pics coming out)

(pics of the deep)

abbreviated pew

we once lived

upset as

the peel of floor

blunt as raised


you have found

a wasteland of girls


given with verse, they stand

(pics you seethe)

(pics you drape)

to bear on me

upset as

the sick on floor

rending faddily


long of the crash, to respite,

a flaw of girls; they crack and




never spoken of (at length)

keep writing of (at length)

down on

a canvas of (reams)

written out (at great length)

tooth long (long of the tooth)

no voice for

words as firm (leave)

as when

written down (reams)

on cue (seep)

(at great unspoken length).



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