Sever (in 24 lines)

This is my explanation for the coming days

(Or maybe an excuse I’ve made):

All that happened was hurting me;

I was paralyzed;

I kept folding time in two,

To keep my hands busy; and

It’s hard to find a woman who will hold your hand

When your money’s all gone

And you’re drunk as hell

Watching the paint crack on the car you drove

To watch paint dry

On the house you’ll never own


All my love was down somewhere in the frozen ground—

October’s last gasping breath,

A black cat sits across from me,

Her eyes yellow and her breathing sharp

Bring a girl to me, I asked

I need a refrain…

The rust here is my fault;

I held on too long

And it flakes off into the setting sun

Like a flesh snowfall, grimed with gammy tears,

Left wet and positioned by a fired gun—

Hours and hours will pass before the sound hits your ears.


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