Sometimes, Single Parents Will Ambush Each Other in the Dark, and They Will Draw Blood



I sit alone and wonder why things have to be so hard…


From out of the dark she comes,

And we discuss the current events:


My son’s tears damp on a face.


She starts in tearing at my heart with her dirty ideas,

With dirty talons, and a whole life’s worth of every good intention,

All pushed forward to eyes and poured down face,

As I realized that nothing mattered to me more

Then watching her fail.


At everything, the Mother Hyena she is…she fails at everything…


The Ambush—

A hackle of laughter, she contorts

Herself into dispositions of parenting,

And the wordless limb, the coddled cord,

Cut, it was never there for long.


Drawn blood—

Serrated edges,

Ivory yellow,

Magenta tooth,

Corrupted core,

King Crimson,

A crown of bone,

Of blood,

And child,


On the road.


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