Bent Eyelids

My eye twists, pans the room while drinking;

It takes all I’ve got to move, to comprehend,


Stretch my imagination past the surface,

And dive down well below my own understanding,


Of diving bells and bubbles of hours,

Underneath this sheet, then beneath the beautiful women.


The portion of this I care to suggest, it

Makes a few excuses up from scratch.


That something we give, we leave, and we surrender;

I smoke a signal for you to apprehend.


Here it’s projected on the big screen.

Here it’s portended to reach land.


My friend…just give me something, my friend:

A lesson to engrain, to make it all worth a damn.


Given to networks we have and even the ones we don’t;

I’ll show some grace, bend an eyelid, through the smoke,


Display something you never believed could happen to you—

I’ll express myself through it all with the force of will it imbues.



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