Circumference Hymn

Chief among us is the sweet,

And sour to us this hour—


To strike down, finish this

Or run away and leave nothing


For every girl I have ever loved,

I have hated for just as long


Should I forgive

The ones who left me?—


The ones who never did?—

She was one of them…


I was the not-alone

But I felt that way anyhow


Shoulder-length and tied back

Black hair sugar-sweet and sad


Laughter once echoed here, now,

She only hums when she prays


I suffocate and scrounge—

She advocates for the found


My life was once hers but now it’s just mine

A sound I make in the dead of night


My lungs are forbidden to breathe

Vapors embrace from within some cavity


She is evolving and I’m revolving around

The same goddamn feelings that aren’t worth anything now


So I digress, and ingest

Suggest a change of address


It’s time to move on.


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