East Gulf to Lake

Inverness, Florida


I’ll meet you at Point-Of-No-Return

and East Gulf to Lake. If I ever remember to change my address

so you know where I am, we’ll meet at some local tavern and

shake a few drinks back into the caverns we call our mouths

and have some fun.


Dance a little to the beat of this new drummer,

stop the tremors inside that keep begging to come out, horde away all

that’s at bay, underneath my eyes and inside my brain.


I know you feel the same way as I do,

cause when we kiss, I can taste it on your teeth;

We’re both animals of our own sadness.


Sex is a worthy contribution;

I paid my debt.


Let’s just make out and make up our own ending

to this. The swill and filling and sideway show to gods—I guess it’s not

how you use it but who you use it with.


My shoulder hurts while

my leg’s a limp.


Leaving the ropes to tie up my arms and leave

my heart out in the wilderness.


The door is locked,

tumbling and crying to be removed from the room,

while no one else gives a shit—

I’m holding on so simply—

It’s just not me that you mean to harm—

I’ve got a million more where that came from.


It never was.






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