In Perfect Arcs

For K.W.


I want to kiss your dark places

When you’re not looking,

Caress your hair and smooth out your face.

You’d smile and pretend you’re smoking.


I want to stand next to your shadow,

And disappear within.

Come out shining, wet—

I’m never leaving.


I’m just beginning to understand

Your reasons for standing so still;

It’s like you don’t want the others

To know what’s going on

Upstairs in that head.

But I want to know so bad it hurts.


Kiss your temple like it’s a sieve

And I’m taking you in.

Your charge electric, and worth

The burn to my lips.

The scar to my mouth.


A signature you left—

A trigger to pull.

To ignite the wire and send out

A shower of sparks,

In perfect arcs, of hours and minutes,

Seconds spent with you way too bright.

We start fires outside your house.


I see us in the reflection

Of my rented car, before I leave.

Imagine you wavering

Out of sync behind me,

And I barely have a chance

To recover from it.


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