Wire and Tack

Punch like a fist through teeth, and

watch as the breaking gets done;

with the wind, as it envelops my silhouette,


I’m somewhere near Mind Fucks, Ohio, but

no one is left there to count them (fucks),

or care, but I have a new pair of harlots to storm;


the gall slips out from under me like a rug,

pulled swift—to me, my knees, and my reasons to leave.

I left so suddenly it was magic to others;


breaking my teeth and giving me treasons;

we’re all animals—it’s mine that I’ve wanted

to give back for some time; so we tremble and

quake, get all ridiculous, for something to come back.


On the lips, where the mouth is cracked,

like a jaw set back up with wire and tack,

I tell them that I’ve got nothing more to say—

my jaw and my heart have been broken for days.


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