If found, please return

Reaching, at the divide,

where moments are endeavors,

with sound, a say, tucked away.


Where rain, meets eyelids,

drips down a face, shared

like webs, all wrapped ‘bout hearts,

keeping warm, and together.


The pieces of a damaged moment,

a murk in the room. Stage what I can,

give the rest back to what belongs,

meet you at the heart of the vapor.


If found, please return to sender…

Thoughts owed to me, after a night,

of gamboled traces, stored fingerprints,

adorned to a frame.


A poem of tongues and heart, to palm,

touched there; it was going to hurt,

worse than anything felt before.


Write out…

the time of tears has long passed—

the remains are words you have

stapled to every wall leaned close—.


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