I’m Here, Lucy



A blazing lamp,

piercing eyes,

and out through my ears.


Lucy, I’m here…I’m here!

You don’t have to wonder,

I’m right here…right here!


Near your heart

and outside…

as it is or as it were.




The problems begin

right inside of us

and that’s why

I’m not there.




Lucy…my dear friend,

firm in your grip

from two years ago.


We celebrate the wisest of choices and

we continue to plague our betters.




Our parents curse our

existence—but we live on.


You, on the other hand,

you make poetry

in the places you go,

I wish I could say,

“I understand just why you need to be filled,”

but I can’t…

I can’t even say why

I live these hours

when everyone else





Taxed and looking,

but nothing can be our day.


Lucy please…don’t go away…

don’t love another

as much as you once loved me…



In a hard, sweet way,

you loved me;

the ground be damned,

you watched me,

in suddenness, this wind

moved us on the river,

and still, I wish for your return.


From here—Lucy…from here.




Now, don’t go forgetting me, James—

on my knees, hands under thee,

wasting the sun, a downpour of lights,

on blown over blonde hair.


Trade nothing for this:

a lost cause to tell you more than you can bear to hear.


Warring types: fetching one another

from broken glass.




Not for long, Lucy, please…

be sweet to me.

I beg for your breath!


I breathe you in

but choke on your burn:

you’re toxic to my heart

but I love you just the same…



Wear me like a mask

through bilious clouds—

Lucy: you’re still on me.




I put you in the palm of my hand—

squeeze until you enter my blood stream.




I’m static electricity—

raised hair and snapped fingertips,

but really, I’m just old prints,

unique to me,

and the places I

touched you—

in the honor of your hand—

where moments are trapped

in heart lines and end points,

just the way we planned.


I stopped my words

as they hit my teeth sideways,

hid themselves from view.


We break them in

for better use against

each other…Lucy,

I’ll always be with you, somehow.




I’ll be there, too, for a time…

but never again within you…



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