No Stars Were Trapped in My Eyes

I peeled the decorative cap back from her brow,

guided a strand of hair back to a side of skull,

where I then lightly stroked the bottom of an ear.


She smiled; the slightest pull of lips

to the left and she looked up at me,

as if encouraging.


I leaned down and rested my forehead

against hers, looking into those eyes as

close as humanly possible. Seeing a

slight reflection of myself in there and a

bit more of what seemed liked trapped

light or something…maybe stars.


No stars were trapped in my eyes.


Her eyes traveled, as celestial wonders, to

the gun under my left arm. I could almost

taste her curiosity, it was so thick in the air,

like smoke or pheromones.


Sex could be tasted; it seemed to secrete

from her hand as she reached out

slowly to stroke the butt of my revolver,

still holstered, her eyes returning to mine.

I knew what those planets had in store for my gun, so

I gave her the piece, in the hopes of a quick and easy death.


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