Remnant of You Somewhere on the Floor

A heart:

buttressed in thought,

dogma of a deep pause,

traded in grips and claws,

in shared verity—

words held for far too long.


I wish I could regret you:

souls unproportioned,

more than we could

know—the worst part

is struggling to breathe

with spirits as burnt

eyes; they strain

to supplant me.


A car crash:

seat belt wrenched

above neck…

rug burn (scores of

reasons), windows

breaking, stages of

blue and black on


pooling near spine.


A new thrill ride:

heart came back,

beat me

in the night—

randy and pissed,

in a bedroom, undercover,

sore—like the axis of the world

was on her shoulders

and she shrugged it off

with indifference.



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