Burke’s Lament

Crystal River


                        “When they have eyes for me it’s like Heaven.”

                                    —Allen Ginsberg


Come over, Heart, moving, sashaying—

Silent, the beautiful, most beautiful girl,

Please, keep pouring for me


Show me something, every day, something new:

A heave down a wishing well for me

A dirge of great worth to me, still…



Large, oval eyes

Staring back, the bartender,

She fancies a few coins from me


Not a word extended across,

From bar top to bar bottom, we pass

As separate stoned hearts in the night


Well-lit and obvious, a most

Conspicuous version of ourselves;

We are ignored, till we’re ready to admit


It so—it

Would be so sorry, to say

Less, now—a fuck given at night: the human in us both, under moonlight



She treats the air as blessed,

As a parting of tusks

With lovely boys in flower


I can’t help her stare:

Something fierce culls

Something deep in there



O Glances!

Blessed are the Cares!

We shed so many Cares, at the bar


Like clothing we wear

On display

On triads, for Girls’ back


Eyes glimpse


The drunk hearts, We give, so foolishly, but lack



Pour another, Kim—

She wants what I got, over there

She said so, once, across the way; said she loved my face, once—


In so many words—

I wished out loud over glass mouth

The route of my approach to her



So Kim, just let me stay,

Here at Burke’s,

For a little while longer


I won’t make a problem of myself,

I promise—bar top to bar hell,

You won’t even know I’m here (in so many words); I swear.


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