There is a knot behind my knee,

presses me to the ground & you

subdue my spirit—so I write. So

strained are my dreams that I itch

at the source. She breathes aloud.

She can’t help escaping my lips

as I struggle to meet this moment

but the world collides regardless

in great peals. She claps her

hands along; a few notes to form

her lips. They sound like diamonds

in the air. I don’t share her. I keep

her like guts, like cramps. Her song

kneeled below waist, look to eyes

& wish; they never do—so I lower

head singing. She left. If only briefly,

we both possessed each other; I tried

to rise, only to feel the knot again.

A stumble back to dirt. With diamond

voice, she was gone. The parts of herself

I kept in cramped guts, a few notes on

the wind. Her voice, sketched

on the sky. Clouds shaped as lovers

knelt before the sun’s never-ceasing

need to give of light & body—

for all time—as written.


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