Flat Hammer-Sized Impacts *Work-in-progress

I.  A photo develops…



Impacts of a malign nature—bite & break whatever they strike

You know they do—w/

Cables spread about a ruddy dark room—built for thee

& the lights remain


air held, close—she leaves

a room, soon—just as silent

for me


II.  …into a bedroom…



deep in the ear—to the core:

What I’ve been trying to say—


anything worth being said

is actual spoken lips—misplaced

On another’s sweaty, bent head


she broke my moon—but no one knows how much of myself,

spent as I am, is broken on the floor of my room


III.  …of wanton red light…



Dusting pieces of you into corners—visions of parking lots

the last time

I saw tell of you


IV.  …& carnal secrets…



And where hearts split & bleed on asphalt,

as distantly; you heard me bleed from afar &

developed pictures & learned the craft of expression,

same time as me


Through mouth guards & mouth pieces, w/ phone components

stressing a breath

Through lips pale

& just as stretched


V.  …spread over frames of old breath filtered out by new light.



you learned the craft of hammers,

same time as me—&


later, I took the claw

to all I had left


beaten w/ red lips

& heart just as stretched.


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