My Heart and Me (The Scent of Pine)



Candle flame,

Heartaches with

Beer in hand


Tongue to kiss,

Worked to hips,

She makes me beam (this unreal beautiful girl).




I want to possess her skin       with words;

I want to speak her insides—              touch and taste and penetrate  them.


Another candle lit       with the scent of pine

Cold beer down throat             a wish for warm chest

For heartbeats             to listen to

A tracing of lines         on skulls

Place lips to chest       kiss each beat there

Leaving prints             on my face      I’ll never cast off

Kisses hid                   in skin              she’ll never be rid of




For the briefest of moments, I was there

My kisses were over her heart




Like a cavity,              we can never fill enough.


While I was there,

For just the briefest of moments,

I found her fingerprints, heart, and breath      aimed at me.




But, the beer is still cold, at least;

The candle is bright—


Sharp with the flame

And the warmth I feel             the beating of my heart

So deep and teased


All that’s left               my heart and mine

With                the    scent of heated pine.




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