Other People’s Weddings

I am the hunted. The most pursued.

In your wedding pyre, the burning of

My camera will capture your love

As it grows.


No one wants my time. No one cares if I’ve died.

On my balcony I cry, when she made me crack

Somewhere inside.


No working number.

No reaching out to me.

No sudden realization.

No missing of me.


I am the haunted. The most bruised

As she creeps my dreams. She leaves

Me lonely—than I close my eyes—try

Not to bleed. Hold my breath when I sleep.

Close my eyes to see. She can’t know it’s me.


All alone in that room. For so long, it’s like

I’m just another chair someone uses to rest their feet

Or catch some sleep. I write everything from that room

But I never leave. I just dot my lies.

Cross out my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Other People’s Weddings

  1. I love your poetry. I guess you’ve noticed that already, but still, I had to let you know I absolutely love it. It is so real, and shows so much humanity. Keep on writing.

    Best wishes, James.

    Liked by 1 person

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