Red on White


The girl grabbed her wrist

Something broke in there

So she winced

Held the key to her ear

Shook it in the light

A dance on the ceiling

So she laughed

The knock echoed in her ear

She moved from the bed

To her car and took off West

She had promised him something

She wrote

“You are the best” in lipstick



On a nightstand,

She left a kiss

Red on white


By lips

She’ll be missed

By someone—

Oh well—

He’ll remember this

She travels through light traffic and

listens to female vocals on skin

Worn on her like a sleeve

She peels off and on



Tears hanging from each of her lashes

Dabbing them back

Something had changed

She thinks to herself

Rain hits the windshield

She thinks, at least I tried

She remembers the better times



Fingers steeple

Over wheel

She shakes her head of

such thoughts and makes a

series of turns to get on the interstate

She can’t think such thoughts now

She’s left so subtly


Cruel World;

Welcome to the West

Far away from notes on night tables

She hopes



Every direction

She might turn

Lies another night stand

Another note left

For sure

Scrawled words

A lipstick kiss

Red on white

With cracks


Made from her lips


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