Shards to Bear

Tied together tongues / sit and harbor feelings of late

Like parasites who kiss and touch and mate / never replace

One another / sitting with so much / so quick, next to

Needs, well-travelled / coiled at a lover’s knees / break

And plead / we feel creased, placed outside / our hearts

Not complete, never picked up / she wears that dress

Like skin/ I wear my heart as lace, tied / hands held

Too hard / and I can’t help my face / she unties me

Fumes of a broken theme / about my words / motifs

Pasted leaves / so we can find them later / we need

Feathers / by your belly button / a dragged tongue

She can’t help herself / she starts to breathe / gasps

Air is left around her mouth / my mouth locks down

What breath I have for you / tattooed on a mattress

A metaphor of dreaming / cozy manifesto spooned

To a voice / a shape of black hair / I don’t care /

Keep writing her down / broke fingers / shards to




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