move your head

to spite your face

I’ll play the ace;

I’ll play with your face


move mountains

to the tune of each finger you lose—

have lost—

too many—

movements in my heart

are deep enough


a handle on love

a grip—

weak before

ripped before


I held on too tight

ripped-paper waste in my hand

where we lived

this heartbeat in wrist

in heart

with lips

with what’s left


El Corazon

No deje de respirar en mí

Mi corazón no significa mucho para mí


No sin golpes


move your eyes

to lose your face

in over-motion

we leave emotions


I’d move mountains for you

to the tune of every love I could sputter at you.

too many chances

too late

still warm


a new handle on your love

a grip as mine

ripped before you arrived


to your hand

where you are

I can’t help


heartbeat in my wrist

in your heart

as you breathe what’s left.


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