Wishes Break Skin

Wishes break your skin & hold your breath

————-from within————

O Understatement: you stand close to sound,

Feel reverb in kiss & forehead, before ground;

I might just fly into arms & fast & loose about

Wrist, the tethered—a testament of goodwill—

O Eyes—plead very well, as backlit-moon &

Wish-cloud—ridged with black words—

Double-spaced & horizontal—the last girl

O Broken Heart—O Spit, out like swill,

She cuts a mean phrase & turns inside out;

She is worth every metaphor held hostage

In a parking lot; parked there, in-between spaces

All smeared & hardened, softened the fall,

If only a little; I can’t help but believe,

O Breaker of Wishes, I miss you most of all.


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