Blood on My Ankle

saw blood on my ankle

saw car crashes in the future

saw birds sing songs way back in their throats

saw temples crumble under rhetoric


saw hands gripping clothing

saw bed sheets soiled in relief

saw heaven in a painting

saw a girl at a gate waiting for me


saw a robot in a meadow holding onto love

saw a bridge topple over, folded like an arm

saw sickness in the eyes of the youth

saw more blood on blades, on classroom floors


saw cancer erupt in my colon, killing me young cause i ignored it

saw the waste that was my life

saw kindness in a dog’s eyes

saw my son and he held onto my lies, for now


saw a blue sky, and it closed for me—cause no windshield wipers—cause i’m stupid

saw so much music played in front of me

saw my father look away from me, when i spoke to him

saw piss on the floor


saw the edge of the earth

saw angels with violence

saw myself contemplated

saw myself left wanting


saw myself morose for ages

saw myself forgotten

saw myself elated

saw myself chosen


saw myself totaled

saw myself trivialized

saw myself beholden

saw the blood on my ankle


saw my finger wipe it away

saw myself forget, once again

saw myself complain

saw Despair in person


saw caved-in hearts under filthy feet

saw her in an hour

saw an hour most wanted

saw an hour most wanted for real this time.



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