I set off a few fireworks.

Just to remember how it feels.

To explode. To share an eruption with the sky.

To blow a hole into my sadness.

Fireworks should always be shared.


30 thoughts on “Fireworks

    1. Haha maybe so. These are all old poems I wrote awhile back. I’ve been editing all of my material of the last 10 months. Getting them ready to try and get some published, hopefully. I’m really not this sad all the time. Honestly, because I write it out of my system in the first place. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, I remember what you told me about vomiting your feelings. I just can’t help, but to say something when I see interesting posts late at night.
        I guess that “I’m not happy and I’m not sad” right now… Which is good, I suppose.
        Publishing your work? That’s really awesome, congratulations in advance!

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      2. Either way, thank you for commenting and staying in touch. I never tire of hearing from you. πŸ™‚ I feel that mid-range of not being happy and not being sad quite well.

        And yes, I’m hoping to get some more stuff published. I’ve had a few published in my college literary mag but I really want to branch out. Just a matter of trying. And thank you, I’ll let you know if anyone bites on any of my poems. πŸ™‚

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      3. You’re welcome. Please, do let me know if you get them published (otherwise I’ll have to come back to ask you, and it’ll look like I’m creepstalkinng you, which I’m not, k? I’m harmless!).
        I’ve been thinking of trying to expand my horizons myself, mainly in my own country and in my first language. We shall see what happens. My blog is in English, anyway. I can’t run from it anymore, haha.

        Good luck! (: and g’night, James. I’ll fall asleep soon.

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      4. I will definitely tell you the moment I know (I’ll probably end up screaming it from the rooftops!). And I would never accuse you of the dreaded “creepstalking.” πŸ˜‰ You are welcome to chat me on here anytime. I enjoy your conversation.

        Since you live in Brazil, I was curious, are you familiar with the poet Roberto BolaΓ±o? He was from Chile but he’s a very famous from what I understand in his home country. I finished a collection of his work and I’m a huge fan of his stuff. Though, I must be honest, I read his poetry translated, but it had the original Spanish right next to the translated version. Just curious. Hope you have a better night, Lira. G’night. Rest well.

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      5. Thank you, James. I hope you have a fantastic day today.

        Actually, yes! I’ve heard of BolaΓ±o, but I confess I haven’t read his work yet. I know a bit of his life story; especially the things he said about being a poet, but having to write fiction to survive.
        What do you think I should read first?

        I gotta catch up with more South American writers. Most of my favorites are Brazilian or European.

        I don’t speak Spanish, but I speak Portuguese, haha. They obviously look very similar, but they’re not the same (ah, Romance languages… You know, we, the native speakers, always pretend to understand every single word in each other’s languages, but we don’t!).

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      6. I must regrettably confess ignorance on those differences 😦 though I wish it wasn’t the case. I am sometimes far more American than I want to be haha. I’m very glad you have heard of BolaΓ±o! He is a fantastic writer. I’ve read his poetry and fiction, and yes, it’s true, he did have to write fiction, more often that not, to make a living, but poetry was his passion, and what he was most proud of (his words). I’d highly recommend you get your hands on one of his poetry books if you ever get a chance. The Unknown University is the one I had.

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      7. I should thank you for the suggestion — I spent a few minutes today thinking about what I knew about South American writers, and ended up writing a lot (you know, vomiting!); the fight hasn’t come to an end yet.
        Thank you, I will look it up.
        No idea what an “American” should be… You mean the stereotype? (:
        You look like an old-school French thinker in your avatar, hahaha.

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      8. A old-school French thinker? haha I’ll take it. I love that. I guess what I meant by that is how ignorant most Americans are (and it’s true) of other people and cultures outside their own purview. I guess, sometimes, I do fall under that stereotype. But I love learning about new things and widening my horizon, so to speak. I want to learn all I can about other people. Especially other “word-vomiters” like me. πŸ™‚

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      9. Well, altough you’re a French intellecual from the 50’s, you don’t have to stay trapped in the past and in the US. You have the Internet now, James! Welcome to the world. It’s horrible sometimes, but you’ll like it.

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      10. haha don’t I know it, and you’re absolutely correct. One of the main reasons I put myself out there with this blog. Gotta get out there in the world and see who’s reading. Sometimes, it’s awesome girl’s like you. πŸ™‚ So far, so good.


      11. Thank you, James. (: That’s good. I’m always trying to reach the moon, you know? Slowly, but still.
        I comment because I can’t help myself. You usually post late at night, and I’m alone, reading hahaha

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      12. I’m definitely a night owl when it comes to getting most of writing done. If it allowed me the chance to meet you on here, well, that’s pretty great how all that lost sleep can actually equal something nice–not just tired days and years off my life. πŸ™‚

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      13. Aw, that’s sweet. Thank you. Well, so I’m not going to send those melatonin pills.
        I’m a night owl myself, but unfortunately I suffer from insomnia, so I’m both an early bird and a night owl. Ugh.

        At least I have your poetry. Honestly, I’ll be a critic right now and confess that I rarely ever find stuff I truly enjoy around here in this WordPress world of ours. Your blog is a gem in my opinion. Your writing may seem cryptic to the majority of people, but I hope to see your blog skyrocketing soon, if possible.

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      14. Haha nope, no melatonin pills just yet. I’m hanging in there. And thank you for reading and holding my stuff in such high regard. It means a lot, keeps me plugging away at it. I really hope to one day be regarded just as well by the rest of the world, as you do, for the words that come out of my head. πŸ™‚

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      15. No worries. I hope you can achieve your goals. (:
        Honestly, my dreams (when it comes to my writing) are waaay smaller as I don’t think I’ll reach the entire world — but that’s probably because I’m a pessimism addict.
        All I want is a flowering tree.

        Flowering Tree –

        We will see what happens. I’ve been thinking of creating my own zine. Do people still do that in 2016? Dunno.

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      16. You’re technically a published author already; you just have to make money out of it now, haha.
        Oh well, I reached the moon today in a poem. I don’t think that dreaming big is bad at all. Like I said earlier, I am addicted to pessimism; that’s why I avoid dreaming too high. Still, I’m a dreamer, too. It’s undeniable.

        I probably sound older talking about zines. No, I wasn’t a teenager in the 90s, unfortunately.

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      17. Well, I’m trying not to ask, but I’ll go for it now… How old are you? I think I see a wrinkle of wisdom in the picture. Ummm.

        I’m still a 23 year old.


      18. Ah, that’s not really old. My older sister is about your age. You’re still a young adult… Just overgrown and a little more experienced. Cough. Trust me.

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      19. Well, sometimes I feel ancient. Sometimes I’m 16 again. I guess it all depends on your mood, honestly. I’m glad to know you try to keep yourself young. That’s nice. Now I can imagine some light youthfulness behind the glasses.

        I shall go to bed soon, James. Hope you sleep well. (:

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