Robins Taught Me How to Couplet

Wrestled breathing to sleep, too late. Not a wink was

Collected, instead, tabled till worried expressions


Contort features to bone & cartilage. I hurry the hour

To apex; I shudder myself to storm. Brilliance &


Value: a daughter’s song sung to collars & cleft chins;

Mothers in fields, with dresses bunched into fists—


An hour too long, a sign—glass in origin. It buzzes

About an open mouth, dances teasingly about the


Teeth. She, a temptress, collector of man’s sigh,

Polishes her knuckles, those brusher-of-eyes, tears


That pool & portend to break land. I know not of

Windows, only space left open, unprimed. Just open.


As the astronaut hangs backward over the starry sky,

I hang open in equal wonder at that which is mine.


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