A Pirate Playing a Fiddle with an Axe between His Knees

The main components of a sad film made in 2012 on a Carnival cruise with a Sony camcorder:


Eyes travel scars,

Make reflections

In a traffic jam.


Neck meets gristle

And heart shifts ribbons,

Placed out to communicate—

Pockets of drowsy glass.


Dripping unmans me,

Lands wet somewhere;

Whales sound distant,

The meat of inertia.


Head tilted over dark water.

Feel the far-off release of her:

How easy it is to leave me.


Empty stomach-retch,

Feminine specters

Across a dance floor.

My brother mourns with his eyes.


Heart spasms a little;

Watch the world shift,

Stumble around deck, &

Drunk, I start tripping on shit.


Pour more strong drink.

Leave heart’s gore

Near the bottom of this.


Buy a statue of a Pirate

Skeleton playing a fiddle,

With an axe between

His knees. Keep it as a

Conversation piece—

A poem no one reads.


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