Me and My Younger Self (Written After Guided Meditation for 5 Min)

I was wearing running shoes, warm-up suit; it was maybe before a meet. I had longer hair. I was blonder. I had rounder glasses. My hair was parted in the middle. I had hair. I had acne. I smiled a lot more. I told him to never stop running. He said he wouldn’t, but I have my doubts. I told him that we’re a better writer now, so look forward to that. You’ll be published in a book one day, I told him, and it’ll mean everything to you. I hugged him for a long time. He gave me my class ring. I told him thanks because I had lost it. But he still had it at that time. He gave it to me to keep, for safekeeping, so I don’t lose it this time. That made me cry for some reason. I told him to try and not shadow her so hard. Give her space. He asked me, give who space? I said, you’ll know soon enough. You’ll learn. And then you’ll be me. I think the me I was seeing was maybe 18. So he had some learning left to do. But I envied him that more than anything else. I envied him. And I was scared for him. I wanted to protect him from everything, like my 18-year-old self was my child, but with a 90s haircut.


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