Female Vampire in Hospital Basement—An Incomplete Short Film Outline I Wrote as A Much Younger Man*

*Found as is.

1) Opens at dawn w/ the sun rising over a parking lot. Credits follow w/ music. Beck song or maybe Angel Olsen to open with?

2) Music continues w/ opening shot (continuous) of Main Character walking through the Parking Lot to the Rear Entrance of the Hospital. He is employed as a security officer at said Hospital. He looks forlorn.

28) MC is now sitting at the top of the stairs of a tall stairwell. Screechy, screamy echoes come from below. MC removes ring from lanyard, puts it on his left ring finger. We already known about his broken engagement. We know she’s down there at the bottom of the stairwell.

29) MC leans back on the top step, looks up from the floor, stares at a wasp crawling slowly over an above light fixture. Then.

30) He heads down the stairs to the basement to kill his vampire ex-girlfriend. In slow motion. Simon and Garfunkel as exit music? “The Sound of Silence”? Otis Redding? “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”? Both are good options.


  • Also, be sure to write a scene where the MC helps a 93-year-old woman from the floor to her hospital bed. She’s in tears when she asks, “Why do we live so long?”






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