The Meaning of Your Dreams, According to Franklin D. Martini: Adultery

To dream that you have committed this act, afflicted this on a loved one, is, in many recorded cases, a shitty thing to have done. The onset of this condition is often sudden and always fucked up to the person suffering the bitter end of this shitty stick. Should the person you dream of be married, you can be sure that some distress or disaster is about to confront you with a vengeance. If a virgin happens to dream of adultery, it suggests immense disappointment. When a pregnant woman dreams of adultery, it suggests that she will soon give birth to disappointment—and is a solid sign that it will be you. And when ill, a dreamer typically dreams while lying prostate on the memorial of a better cause to have died for—like freedom, or gay rights. Instead, you bear the curse of being replaced by someone who looks sort of like you, but better, and more accomplished (and attractive). She certainly had a type, according to the record, and it was you— (for a time). You were the starter home she needed to be ready for the real home she eventually found happiness living in for the rest of her life.


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