My Bucket List


  1. Visit the Coliseum in Rome, close my eyes in the hypogeum, and imagine its ancient din.
  2. Drink towards a controllable stupor on the Montparnasse in Paris.
  3. Befriend a descendant of Jack Kerouac’s stray donkey while camping in Big Sur.
  4. Take a front row seat at the New Globe Theatre in London for a production of Macbeth.
  5. Press my forehead against David’s Gate outside the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  6. Dig a previously undiscovered musket ball from the earth of Gettysburg.
  7. Unhurriedly negotiate 13,171 miles of The Great Wall of China.
  8. Sleep under the Young Street Bridge in Aberdeen where it’s safe to eat fish.
  9. Gather some sand from the Great Pyramid of Giza and grind it deeply into my palms.
  10. Backpack through Wales and be warned by locals to keep clear of the moors.

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