To Take Four from Nothing

After Pensées




like an eternal lamp

from a little cell, lodged,

the universe, I mean,

approaches the visible

world, an imperceptible atom

amply close to delicate things

a mite

limbs with their joints

veins in the limbs

blood in the veins

humors in the blood

drops in the humors

vapors in the drops

smallest point in nature

two abysses of the Infinite & Nothing




the middle of things

an eternal despair

knowing either the end

or the beginning

The Author of these wonders

understands them. None other can do so.




We are something, and we are

not everything.

too much truth, paralyzing

to take four from nothing

leaving nothing

too much pleasure, too many concords

they escape us, & we them

we sail

a vast sphere

end to end

thinking to attach ourselves

to something more than solid ground




this sphere

it has fallen to us


related to all we know

warmth, food, air to breathe

light, the feel of bodies

we can know nothing at all

bodies have a tendency to seek

a center

as in a place

movement from one place to another

the vanity belonging only to bodies




Rivers are roads which move,

and which carry us whither we

desire to go.

the truth of a thing

common-enough error

the mind of man

the moon

to no purpose




judge by what one sees

judge by what one knows

  1. Between us and heaven or hell there is only life
  2. The frailest thing in the world

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